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Yes Its Sour But You Have To Make It Sweet !

Life… I don’t know How long would it go on… how much breathes does it left with… glories would it see… happiness  would it glitter with… sorrows would it have… injuries would it bear… games would it enjoy…  cruelty would it cope with… lives would it live, for how long, for how long all this???  A anonymous voice comes and strikes my mind that

”  Life is lifeless without these things.

If you have nothing to lose nothing to gain

Nothing to sorrow on, nothing  to joy

Nothing to  bear  nothing  to enjoy

Nothing  to fear,  nothing  to  cry

Nothing to hope nothing to rely

Shouldn’t I say then such a life

Is not to live for,  just to die

But no…no, your are here not to die only…

You are blessed with life and Who has blessed it is not a difficult question to answer. Obviously He is the Lord of your life and death and of all the things stated above. Only He has the authority to bestow you life and to call you back. If anybody tries to take the authority of having himself dead deliberately i.e by committing suicide, it means he is over ruling himself and crossing the limits applied to him which may go to his detriment. So you have to live…

Yes you have to live…You have to play with grim facts, you have love with sorrows, you have to bear the injuries, you have to see the glories, yes… you have to face the cruelty, you have to enjoy the happiness, no one can snatch it from you except you yourself. You are the king not only you but everybody in this world is himself a king because he has been obliged the right to rule himself in limits and these limits are to set him free from the slavery of the people and from his own stance, but to make him slave of the One under the umbrella of which he may enjoy a peaceful, calm, contented and happy charming life, where for any assistance he has to bow himself only before Allah Almighty not before people or longings. So don’t be disappointed by the gloomy conditions you face in your life, fee Him; He is always with you whether in sorrow or joy, darkness or light, alone or contingent. “

The anonymous voice gets louder and solemn as if it wants to deliver a lesson & it states a small chronicle of a king who gives his servant a blank page and commands him to write such a sentence upon seeing which in happiness I may get sad and seeing which in sadness I may be happy and you know what that servant writes on the page ” This Time would pass away. ”  And yes… that’s right nothing in this world is permanent not even your troubles…!!!

” What surprises you most about mankind? ” Upon listening that account I asked from the angel.

Angel: ” They lose health to make money and then lose money to restore health. By thinking anxiously about the future they forget the present.They live neither for the present nor for the future, living as if they’ll never die & finally die as if they had never lived. “

His voice was getting glum as he disappeared saying something and I could listen only few of the sentences ” Don’t lose heart see the Hope rising, Be happy and try to keep others so;  He’d be happy with you !!! “



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There was a boy who loved her mother very much and so did his mother, too.They wee very poor and lived from hand to mouth.They had no kith and kin elsewhere.The mother was very old and passing the last days of her life but she had the wish of getting her son educated so that he might have a bright future.She used to cut woods all the day and the little earning she got in the evening was spent in the fee of her son

The boy got appreciable mraks in matric and got admission in a competent college .In college unfortunately, the boy induldged in bad company, started smoking and his obidiency towards his mother becoming turning into disobediency.Her mother scolded him for his bad company, the boy to it ill , became angry on mother’s advice and left his house.Her mother remained alone in the house and daily she sought her her way but he didn’t came.The boy had very little money with him when he left the house.

After somedays he was left with nothing so he decided to work on a hotel.All the day long he worked hard and got very little reward against his effort.In the scoching sun when hunger teased him nobody was there to ask him about his hunger and his mother’s word knocked the door of his mind ” Haven’t you taken meal yet , my dear son.Come here its ready for you. ” , her mother fed him herself usually…..Whenever he fell ill due to excessive work in the blazing sun, nobody asked him to take rest rather the unpleasent and cruel voices, ” goffer! bring tea and breads ” added to his discomfort, then he used to think of his mother’s kindness who never let him leave the bed unless he was all right and thinking those days & memories tears came from his eyes but nobody was there to wipe out them now.

One night walking alone he passed through a barren place where he saw a blinking light glowing very intensely.He went near it , it was a firefly.He asked him ” Why are you roaming about? ” The firefly rplied, ” I was enjoying a very happy life wit my mother for me day and night, keep herself hungry but fed me regularly.One day I disobeyed her and left the house in anger.From that very day I am wandering to search my mother but couldn’t find her yet. I am ready to devote my whole life to he who might bring my mother back, she the most precious wealth for me in this world.

It knocked the sensation of the boy and was unbearable for him he decided to go to his house back but when he reached his home back a bad news was waiting for him.Actually his mother was no more in htis world>He found a piece of paper on the gate which was in fact it was a bequest in which was written ” Dear son though you’d left me without thinking of my impotency but I am a mother I waited, waited and waited for you but eventually I ‘ve to go to my next home, the immortal one.I forgive you my son because I don’t want to destroy your next home, but do follow my instructions that…Respect your elders in the rest of your life and avoid bad companies.Now let me go to my rest place. May Allah pour His showers of Blessings & Mercy on you…!!!” <<Your Mother…!!!>>

These were the last words of the mother which changed the rest of his whole life.But one thing is noticeable here that mothers loves her offspring from the very begining of its life till the departure and her begining as well as ending words last on prayers.

All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother. So

Do love your mother , never misbehave & disobey her because…





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Pakistan sky

Today when I looked at the sky

It was too bright, the reason,why?

It’s a day of hope with shine

A sound voice came from Divine

Kids with flags in hand , left toys

Worries evaporated there came joy

Every one’s face was glittering bright

Signs of freedom nothing like fright

Birds were chirping, happy and gay

May this country forever stay…….!!!

Sorrows of the year ; cut with knife

Prayers every where, for reviving life

Serve your country, and never exhaust

Love for your country should never last

Although weak , but we are brave

No’ ne in the world, can make us slave

One Who made Her for our’s sake

Grounds, mountains & beautiful lake

I wish…….,,,,,,,,, If I ever die……,,,,,!!!

In Your lap then I may lie!,,,,,,,,,!!!


pak flag buuterfly


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14th 3


Today when I was teaching my students I was continously noticing that they were so eager of getting free as early as possible but I didn’t want to let them free because the task assigned to them was a little bit lengthy.Anyhow they carried on for a little while but they couldn’t help themselves to bear that state any more and asked me innocently…

” Sir…! You know tomorrow is 14th August, the Independence day of Pakistan”

” Yes I know..” I replied with solemnity.

” Sir you will come tomorrow, too? ” The little kid of fourth class.

That very question from the little kid was exhibiting as if she had been imploring for the freedom for the upcoming day mean she was eager to have the next day off for study so did the other ones.That impatience and a sense of helplessness specially near the moment of freedom was unbearable for me. I began to think of those days when in my childhood I had read a lesson in Urdu, in which a boy released a bird on the independance day so as to express the joy of freedom.I recollected myself and broke the rope of their impatience by announciong the happy news of letting them them free from studies for the next day.Upon listening that news I could see a wave of gladness on their face. It seemed I have enjoyed the feelings of freedom a day before freedom mean independence day.They were overwhelmed with joy.

It was a fantabulous scene of seeing the ” JOY OF INDEPENDENCE ” on the student’s face. I really enjoyed it a lot feeling as if I myself were getting the real taste of freedom.

” May Allah bless every one with a great blessing of Freedom !!! “


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Yesterday, I was coming back after getting free from the internship (POf). On the way, some used bullets were there at some distances frequently throught the way. Walking alone, looking these bullets it came to my mind, Whats the value and reality of man’s life???… He claims of his remarkable progress, his inventions from the small metal piece to the monster nuclear plant. He ‘s also conquered the moon but how cheap and brief his life is…… A single metal piece (bullet) of only 9.333 grams is enough to finish the body of 100 kg for which a man feels pride, …… to finish the life of 50 or 60 years in few seconds.

What is the fact of the life of a man, Nothing…… The things which he makes with his own hands, usually result in the end if his life…… Is this the reality of man’s life to adorn which he spends his whole life and when the time of his reward approaches near, the death knocks at his doorand finally he’s to go.

I gathered myself and and extracted the fact that this brief life is blessed us not to waste but to prepare ourselves for the upcoming life which is immortal. If one thinks of this world his home, its only the deception nothing more than that.If we are not sure for the next moment in this world, why shouldn’t we think of making a permanent home in the world here after, the real world, the real life.

From the whole story above atated I doesn’t mean to say that one should give up every thing or to stop pondering and research on the things in this world rather I emphasize that one should contemplate on every thingbecause this makes him to ponder and accept the fact about life and this was exactly the case happened with me.

” May we all be blessed notonly in this world butalso in the world hereafter “


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american flagpakistan flag

indian flag

Perhaps you will be getting a little bit idea from the above pictures.Apparently they are looking like  simple blocks but infact they have a true reality hidden behind them which will be unfolded at the very end of this post.

A few days ago I was reading a column in a newspaper.It was stated  ” America has made a plan that Pakistan would be no more on the global map in the next 10 years. ” When I read those lines a stream of thought rushed through my mind about the distressful situation of Pakistan………,,,,,,,,,,,

Pakistan is now in misery because the power crises has resulted in the detriment of the nation as well as the business and industries  of my motherland; not in an appreciable number in this country.On the other hand India is gradually making a deep plan of blocking the water of Pakistan and we all know that the main source of power generation in this under developed country is Hyderal Power Generation.Also India is making different treaties with Russia and America but we are still enjoying a sound sleep.India, on Mumbai Attacks, has won the affection of the whole world but we are still silent on Lahore Attacks.We are still unaware of the situation of Balochistan.

On the other hand the motto of ” Terrorism ” has badly excavated Pakistan from the past seven years.America is seeking a suitable place from where It can take over and rule my beloved country. America started a chain of attacks on Muslim countries, the chain He want it to be end at Pakistan and from thereon It may rule Asia ” The Golden Sparrow ”  and thus the whole world. First, he pounced upon Afghanistan for without any reason, Iraq, Syria, Labonan and now He has quench for Iran and at the end for Pakistan.

But My Dear, Beloved Country……………. !!!

THE TRUTH UNFOLDS HERE,,,,,,,,,,,,,……..

Despite of all the facts stated above, all the problems including poverty, illiteracy,  the ill-named Terrorism, disrupt economy and the prejudism of your foes, you are still chirping between your enemies and those who wants to see you no more in this world are themselves, By the grace of Allah, disintegrating and being torn into pieces internally with every passing day.Although I accept that Pakistan is a small country but one thing I believe that no one has the courage to wipe you out from this earth till the end of this world since you are the homeland which came into being after the name of Allah Almighty  ” Pakistan ka matab kia La Illaha IllAllah ”  on the 27th, th Holy night of Ramazan;  ” The month of Allah ” , the homeland whose bricks have been settled by the blood of those people who were sincere for you.


You are the first only country in the world came into being on IDEOLOGY,  the ideology which had been started from the time when this world was in his early age. ” The Two Nation Theory ” ,  from the start of this world two types of groups have always been there in every age;  the group on ” HAQ ” and that on ” BAATIL ”  and every one knows who’s on HAQ and who’s BAATIL

My Dear!!! The fact is that You are blessed with Allah’s Kindness and Mercy and still alive among BATTIL & I wish shall remain so.

I love you my love… I love you so much…. May You Live Long!!!